Israel’s future & Our future

It is prophesied in the Bible that the Jews will return to  their land. They they have done so during the last century. This has happened in our lifetime (Ezekiel 37:24).

However, God prophesied that there were to be nations round about Israel who would try to get rid of them (Ezekiel 28:24).

 We have the awful situation in Gaza today, but this is only taste of an invasion by a combination of nations (Ezekiel 38), against Israel, when the Jewish State will almost be wiped out. However, the Lord Jesus Christ will appear on the earth (Zecharaiah 14:4), as he promised (Luke 21:27) and will save the remnant of the Jewish people, and begins to establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth, with the World Capital being in Jerusalem.

 At the birth of Jesus the promise was given to Mary telling us that Jesus would be King of Israel, reigning in Jerusalem (Luke 1:30-33). This Kingdom will be world wide, bringing justice and peace to all the earth.

The bad times we are all experiencing are prophesied in Scripture, a time of trouble such as never was before (Luke 21:25 -26), but they anticipate the fulfilment of God’s purpose, a glorious time, when the terrible problems will be no more.

All nations living in harmony and peace, ruled over by God and his son The Lord Jesus Christ. (Daniel 7:27, 2 Timothy2:11 and 12).

Why not look into these important and challenging matters before it is too late?   

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